About Us


  • Enhancing medical education
  • Achievement of excellence, innovation, and caring in advancing community healthcare issues
  • Sustainable support of projects, which impact the lives of many today and in the future

Established in 1986, the Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation (TOMF) was created from the sale of the non-profit Tucson General Hospital to a for-profit corporation. Considered a conversion foundation, today TOMF has an endowment of over $9 million. As an independent, private operating, non-profit organization, the Foundation utilizes an endowment to provide programs and charitable services.

Medical Education

The Foundation's Southwestern Conference on Medicine® has the highest attendance of any continuing medical education (CME) program held annually in Southern Arizona. This event attracts hundreds of healthcare practitioners from across the United States.

CME for osteopathic physicians (DOs) and allopathic physicians (MDs) is not only required in order to maintain their license to practice in Arizona, but essential in providing excellence of patient care and improving the health and well-being of the community.

The Foundation is accredited by the AOA to provide CME credit for DOs and partners with the Cleveland Clinic and  the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) to offer opportunities for MDs, NPs and PAs to obtain their CME credits.

Through its CME events, the Foundation encourages lifelong learning for healthcare practitioners and medical students alike. In an effort to reinforce the strong foundation of the osteopathic community in southern Arizona, TOMF facilitates end-of-clerkship exams, community service opportunities and mixers for osteopathic medical students rotating in the area. 

Compendium Edition, Clinical Application of Counterstrain is a publication of the Foundation's Osteopathic Press. In this unique, at-a-glance presentation doctor, author, lecturer, teacher, and nationally recognized master of Counterstrain, Harmon L. Myers, DO, shares a lifetime of insight and a step-by-step approach for clinicians of all disciplines to quickly and effectively diagnose and treat much of what ails us. Also available as an eBook, it is for sale here or on Amazon.

Community Healthcare Issues

The Foundation's website, provides information about TOMF and the TOMF Facebook and Twitter pages are updated frequently with health related posts and information about current Foundation programs and activities.

Foundation staff are heavily involved in a variety of local health and healthcare-related collaborations including Healthy Pima, Activate Tucson, End-of-Life Care Coalition and Medical Reserve Corp. 

Charitable Activities

Although an operating foundation (meaning it mainly funds its own programs), the Foundation provided charitable grants in the amount of $1,500 on a monthly basis through the Trustee Awards program. These awards were  given to Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services, Foundation for Cardiovascular Health, Willcox Meth Task Force, Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, Emerge! Center Against Domestic Violence, Tucson OASIS, Tucson Alliance for Autism, and Valley Assistance Services to name a few.

One of its most lasting contributions to the community has been startup support for the Children's Museum Tucson. In 1987, the Foundation brought together the Pima County Medical Society Auxiliary Human Adventure Center and Southwest Children's Exploratory Center to create this now successful entity. Tucson Loan Chest and Top Dog were also once programs of the Foundation that have gone on to succeed.

The Founders' Scholarships award $37,500 annually to osteopathic medical students attending Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern University - AZCOM and A. T. Still University - SOMA. Each of the 6 awards are given in the names of the Tucson General Hospital Founders whose forward thinking allowed them to overcome such dilemmas as exclusion from staff privileges at existing hospitals and the inability to rent office space from allopathic physicians.


If you have ideas about health programs TOMF should bring to Tucson and Southern Arizona, please contact us at 520-299-4545 or info@tomf.org. We learn as much from the community as we do from professional input.

Our Conference Center is also available to rent for groups conducting workshops, seminars, and presentations to the general public and professionals alike. Contact us at 520-299-4545 or meetings@tomf.org for details and room rates.